Love + Light Chai

Love + Light Chai

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Ingredients: Blend of darjeeling, assam and orange pekoe, ginger, cardamom, mint, lemongrass, rose petals 

2.5oz bag

This blend came together as a beautiful collaboration with our friend, chai expert and founder of The Chai Box, Monica Sunny. For us, Love & Light are not just two words. Together, they carry an energy beyond words. This blend of cardamom, mint, lemongrass and a hint of rose holds that energy. The depth of love and warmth is captured through notes of cardamom, ginger and rose. The vibrancy of light is radiated through mint, lemongrass and orange pekoe. For us, it’s a familiar yet new beginning with every sip, evoking calm yet renewed feelings.

A portion of proceeds from each sale will support the nonprofit Mission Save Her, in their mission to educate international communities about human trafficking while also saving women and children all over the world from its clutches.