Love + Light

For us, Love & Light aren't just two words. Together, they carry an energy beyond words. It’s in this energy, in the gift of sisterhood, that we're lifted. It’s what fuels us to want to shine love + light to you all.

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Love + Light

Sisterhood. It’s our heartbeat. While putting love into this box, we had a calling towards sisterhood.  To all of you who needed just a little extra love and light this year, we heard you. This box full of self care and sparkle came together with love and light for you.

This box came together with a group of radiant, heart centered South Asian women, giving us all the chance to fully connect and freely share. These are women we have linked hearts with and who we’re beyond grateful for. It’s been a blessing to connect and work so passionately together to curate the beautiful offerings in this box. It’s the representation of love. It’s the representation of light. It’s what we women are all about. We bring love. We are light. Illuminating this energy to all around us.  

The women who we’re striving to help are trying to start their own new beginnings from the work of the nonprofit, Mission Save Her, whose mission is to educate international communities about human trafficking while also saving women and children all over the world from its clutches.

Our focus is to raise funds for baby items + food and basic needs for two centers in India run by this amazing, heart centered organization. Every dollar helps,  we welcome all donations to Mission Save Her.

Follow them on Instagram @mission_save_her.

We hope this brings you joy and leaves your heart full. Thank you for being on this path with us.